Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cornbelly's Fall Fun

One of the best parts of fall is going to the corn maze! This year Kyle and I went with three other couple friends to Cornbelly's for a night of fun! We went through the Haunted House/ Corn Maze first and it was SO scary, and so much fun! Some other highlights were the normal corn maze (shaped like the presidential candidates), haunted cage maze, burlap sack slide, tether-ball  and walking around inside Thanksgiving Point's shops looking at the Halloween decor. It was a great evening! WE LOVE FALL!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


All summer long, Kyle told me he wanted to go to Yellowstone. He hasn't missed a summer trip up there in many years!! So even though our summer was way too busy to squeeze a trip in, we decided to go last weekend. We left Friday with Kevin and Megan, after work and school, and drove till we got to the Tetons.We (Kyle and Kevin) put up the tent in a secluded little area and we went right to sleep at 1 am. The next thing I know, its like 6 am and there are 50+ people all around our camping spot taking pictures of the sunrise. HA! it was hilarious.
We drove through the park all day Saturday looking for animals and our car got surrounded by buffalo twice! Pretty cool.We didn't see any bears or wolves, but we had a fun time together looking!
We camped again Saturday night, but this time we were undisturbed. Before hitting the road, we went to church in West Yellowstone in the cutest little chapel I've ever seen. We made it back to Utah and had Sunday dinner at Megan's parents' house. So fun! We were home by early evening, just in time for us to get ready to head back to school and work Monday morning!
It was a short trip, but its always a fun time going on road trips with the four of us!

Fall has just begun!

A few highlights from the beginning of fall:

On September 14th, we went with our friends Johnny and Ashley to the Utah State Fair! We had a fun time walking around, enjoying the fun atmosphere, and eating cotton candy and turkey legs. It was a really fun night!

Being a student is busy! I had 4 tests in three days!  

After finishing all the tests, Kyle and I got to go home for the weekend to Eagle! The five of us- me, kyle, mom, dad, masen- all went to see Les Miserables on Friday night and it was amazing! The next day was Masen's senior Homecoming dance. Kyle was forced into taking pictures of his group, and i snapped a few iPhone pictures too:)

On the drive back from Idaho, I discovered something new that my legs will let me do! I can officially squat without holding onto anything! Hooray!! 

Last Wednesday was the BYU Jazz Voices' first concert of the year! It was the Jazz Showcase, so we sang after 2 other instrumental jazz groups, and before the prestigious BYU Synthesis. It was a fun night!

The next day, we bought Kyle a new car! Its a green Honda Accord, and he loves it. We got it from one of his best friends, and its a good little car. Kyle is very happy!