Friday, January 13, 2017

14 months

Well, I'm 4 months behind! Time to play catch up. (side note: I cannot believe how much Bennett has changed in 4 months...)

We went to a sports store at the mall, and Bennett loved this ball. Yes, we went home with it... we are suckers for this kid!

Our first camping trip with the little guy! It was September, so it got pretty chilly, and B ended up in my sleeping bag to keep warm, which meant we both slept just a little, but it was a lot of fun and I'm glad we did it. He enjoyed looking at the fire, and especially loved playing in the dirt. His dream come true!

He crashed HARD on the drive home from camping. He never sleeps in his carseat so this was so cute to me.

Kid is actually obsessed with his bike. He doesn't like his stroller, and without being able to walk, this bike is the only way we get out on our morning walks these days!

We went to Farm Country and Bennett loved it. He pointed to all the animals and smiled! 

Kyle snapped this pic of our bedtime routine. Its what we do every night: bath, lotion, jammies, books, and a song. He is a pretty great sleeper now, if we stick to the schedule, which is still hard for me to believe! I am very grateful!

This fall was the best!! Its stayed so warm for so long.

Getting so smart!! Stacking like a pro. 

Fall photos part 1 :)

He thinks it is absolutely hilarious when we put the bike away with him still in it, and close the closet door. And then do peek-a-boo. So funny! 

These two are little bff's! Sage lives two doors down and they love each other. Sage calls him "Mennett" and Bennett knows who she is, even though he doesn't say really any words yet :)

14 months with this little sweetie!! Love love love love love him more than anything!!!

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