Friday, January 13, 2017

16 months

Kyle and I went with Craig and Macall on a date to go bouldering. It was so much fun!! I love rock climbing and it has been forever since I've done it.

Classic funny face by Bennett! Cracks us up, he does this all the time. By the way, he has finally started saying some words! At 15.5 months he says "hi, bird, plane, cat, dog, dada, hot"

Family smoothie selfie!

We all love smooties. We eat one almost every morning.

Kyle pulled off the suprise of a lifetime, and took us to California for our 5 year anniversary. I literally had zero idea, and he had me stumped up until we parked at the airport and he pulled out suitcases! And even then, he didn't let me see where we were going until we boarded our second flight. I was so happy and so excited! We went to Disneyland the next day.  

Greatest day at the happiest place on Earth! We had so much fun and soaked in every minute we could! Bennett was a very happy little boy!

The next day we went to Newport Beach! Bennett loved it even more than Disneyland! He and Kyle played lava with the waves, and he got to dig and play in the sand to his heart's content. 

This was our actual anniversary, so we went to a yummy seafood dinner. Bennett was super grumpy by this point, so we ended up taking turns eating and taking him outside... haha but it was delicious and a funny memory! 
Such a perfect trip all around!!

Less than a week later we headed to St. George for Thanksgiving! I got a berry smoothie for the drive and Bennett stole it right away, haha. :)

We LOVE the desert!!!

Riding a train at the coolest park ever. 
We had a lot of fun spending Thanksgiving with my grandma and some extended family in St. George. My parents and M & Q were there, too. (Bennett transitioned to one nap right before both of these trips so that was super nice timing!!)

Some very rare snuggles!!

Kyle went straight to Knoxville for school after Thanksgiving, so my mom came back to Lehi and hung out with B and I for a few extra days. We went to the aquarium and it was a hit! We also went to Luminaria with M & Q and I loved it. 

Little marshmallow! <3

Happy boy with his popcorn at the car service place!

B and I went with the Romrells to the Provo center street Christmas lighting, and it was freezing. Bennett liked the lights, but was not amused by the stroller or the extensive bundling up. haha!

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