Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer of Summers

So I basically failed to blog about the rest of the summer as it was happening. So now I am just going to do a brief overview of all that happened in the best summer ever, 2012.

After the 4th of July, Kyle and I moved into a new place. Its a little condo that we absolutely love. This is the main living room.

Sometime during the week of July 9th, we went on a hike to Cecret Lake, which was beautiful. Karleigh and Brandon came, as well as Kevin and Megan. (More on them later;) )

Before heading to Idaho for a visit home, Kyle and I joined the other 3 people who received serious burns last July for a one year reunion dinner. It was great to see everyone and catch up on how each of our recoveries is going.

 On July 13th we headed home to Eagle! My sister Kacee and her kids came for their annual visit, and my other sister and brother and their kids were around 24/7 as well. It was such a fun trip, and it was way too short. I got a few snapshots of the fun we had, but they can't even do it justice. The best part was just being with my family and actually being able to be a fun aunt again- unlike last summer, stuck in the burn unit!

First thing we did was to have GNO and BNO. Us girls went to get Ella, Aubrey and Ruby's hair cut/nails painted, and then went out to dinner.

We had a very busy schedule! The next week was crammed full of fun activities!

Monday was Boondocks day... this is Tyler and I about to race the go karts!

Tuesday we went to the park, and made Tie-dye shirts

Wednesday we went bowling and went to the horse races!

Thursday we went to the zoo (in our matching tie-dye) and then floated the Boise River!

Friday we spent the day at Roaring Springs! I even went! and just got my compression pants wet ha!

Saturday was girls' shopping day, and grown ups' date night. Sadly no pictures of the little girls' fashion show were taken by me. it was adorable though.

Sunday was our last day there, and the drive home was so sad.

The next Sunday, July 29th was our first time going to our new ward, since we had been out of town for 2 weeks! It was great, we love it there.

Then on Wednesday, August 1st, Kacee, Bryan and crew were in Park City with Bryan's family, and Kacee invited me up for the day! It was so much fun. I loved getting to see those kids (and my sister) one last time before they went home to TX for another year.

The next day, Masen flew in to Salt Lake for the weekend!! We didn't get to go on a family vacation this summer together, so having him come down was a major summer highlight! We went to Lagoon, and Masen treated Kyle and I to the Sky Coaster...... it may have been the scariest thing I've ever done. Ever.

The next week Kyle and I got our first snow cones of the summer. I am ashamed. Also- note that the sno cone shack in Eagle is about 50x better than the one in Orem. But it was still wonderful.

Now on to our trip to Colorado with Kyle's family!!
We left on our roadtrip with Kevin and Megan to Copper Mountain, CO on August 9th. We got in after midnight and went straight to sleep. The purpose for having the family trip in Colorado was because of the 100 mile bike race in Leadville that Kyle's dad, brother, sister, and brother-in-law were doing on the 11th. It was a ton of fun babysitting with Kyle's sister Christa, while everyone else supported the bikers through their 7-10 hour race. We had a few nice days of just relaxing in our gorgeous rented mountain house. Megan and I basically fought over holding baby Samantha (okay, not really, but we did pretty much steal her from her mom, my SIL Melissa)

We had the "Perry Family Olympics" and played games up in the beautiful Colorado mountains! We also drove on bumpy dirt road a lot in the 4-Runners (Kevin and Brandon both own one) and Brandon even drove through a seriously deep river. We also explored the cool and creepy old mines that are everywhere along the dirt roads there.

We all got Copper Mountain resort passes and did go karts, rock climbing, bungee trampolines, bumper boats, mini-golf, and a ski lift that we road mountain bikes down from! Such a fun place!!

We ended the trip with a happy note. Kevin and Megan got engaged! I am so so happy for them!! Such a great girl for such a wonderful brother-in-law. 

The trip ended with Tom's 100 mile trail run to complete his Leadman achievement! We weren't sure if he would make it after his IT Band flared up, but he did it! He is a Leadman!!
We all had such a great time up int he mountains, and I would say my first trip to CO was a huge success!! Love that Perry fam.

This really has been such a wonderful summer. Being able to spend time with my family and Kyle's has been so nice. I am not ready for school to start back up again, or for the beautiful summer to end, but I am sure great things will be coming in the school year as well! <3