Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Anniversary!

Kyle and I have been married a whole year! Time really does fly. For our anniversary we decided to drive down to California and have some fun at Disneyland! We left Wednesday after I got out of class and drove to St George. Then Thursday morning we headed out! We stopped at our favorite fast food chicken place in Las Vegas, and then drove to LA. We stopped on our way to Anaheim at the Los Angeles temple, which was gorgeous. We also had dinner that night in LA with Kyle's cousin and his wife, who is a legit TV actress. It was a lot of fun to meet them. When we got to our hotel, we noticed the picture on the wall, and called the room our "Best Friend's Suite" the rest of the time, haha.

The next morning we walked to Disneyland! It was seriously the best day. They gave us pins when we bought our tickets that said "Happy Anniversary!" and every employee in the park congratulated us, which was fun. Kyle insisted on taking a picture in front of every ride we went on, so even though these are all the exact same picture just with different backgrounds, I'm going to post them all anyways ha. Disneyland was all Christmas-themed already, and it definitely got us feeling the Christmas spirit!


That last picture is hilarious to me because we squeezed into one tiny rocket and our legs were dying! A few other pictures from the evening time include us eating our very expensive churros, us thinking we are funny while riding splash mountain two times in a row (there was no line, so we literally just stayed in our log for another ride), us standing in front of the sign of the song Kyle always sings to me ("Ohhh its a jolly holiday with Mary!" etc.), and the beautiful castle at night:)

It was an amazing and magical day at Disneyland! The highlight of the trip!

The next day we went on a boat to the Channel Islands! Kyle loves National Parks more than a lot of things, and he was excited to cross another one off his list! Unfortunately, it rained during the entire boat ride (there and back) but while we were actually on the island it was sunny and nice! It was a beautiful place, with stunning ocean cliff views. We hiked to a lookout point, and the ground was super muddy from the earlier rain, and it stuck to our shoes like glue! I'm not kidding, I felt like I was hiking in wedges! And it also made us slip and fall multiple times! We were laughing so hard about it.  It was a fun adventure!

To end the trip right, we went to eat seafood, just like we did on our honeymoon. We ate in Santa Monica right on the boardwalk. We had crab legs, a lobster claw, and other assorted shell fish. It was yum and a great last night of our trip. 

It has been a great year being married to my best friend!! Here's to many many more happy years!!