Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catching Up

Well it has sure been a while!! Since my last post, life has gotten crazy and boring all at the same time. Crazy because of moving and making big plans, and boring because Kyle and I have been living apart for 3 long months.
We decided at the end of the summer that we needed to get a move on with our lives (haha), and that being in Utah county wasn't the right place for us any more. We ended our rental agreement at the end of September and moved all of our belongings to my parents' house in Eagle, ID. The plan was that I would try to find a job and Kyle would join me in three weeks. However, because of a lot of complications, and because life just gets crazy, Kyle has ended up living in Utah up until.. now. He finally moved up here with me right before Christmas! :)
In the meantime, I found an awesome job at Idaho Central Credit Union as a teller, and kyle got accepted into BSU for the spring semester, starting Jan. 21! We are so happy to be moving forward. I think we are going to be really happy living here for the time being. until Kyle's graduate school, at least:)
During these past few months, we also enjoyed an anniversary trip to Park City for a weekend, had a wonderful family reunion with my family in St. George, and a lovely Christmas together! Life is so good!

can you spot the little Lucy puppy?


Angels Landing

Kyle got a gun for his birthday!

we had to wear these antlers at work...

Christmas Eve