Saturday, June 9, 2012

St. George for the 3rd weekend

So, big surprise, we decided to go down to St. George. Again. :)
This time we went mainly to see the Grand Canyon. We stopped in Pipe Springs National Monument on the way, and it was really fun. It reminded me a little bit of the stuff I saw in new york last summer on the Church history tour. 

Then we went to the Grand Canyon. It was so cool, I was so excited to check that off my bucket list!

The next day, we went to Zion's National Park and I accomplished my goal of climbing Angel's Landing after my accident. I really like having Kevin's girlfriend Megan around, because she's sweet as can be, and also because she brings her camera everywhere.
so tired

taking a break. happy to say i really only took 4 breaks! 

"we are brothers!!"

almost to the top 

putting our feet in the water afterward

or in Kyle and Kevin's case, getting all the way in.
This was another awesome trip with some awesome people!! Love summer time and these Utah deserts!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


The weekend after the 5k in vegas, a group of us went back down to St. George for the Eclipse! The whole time, the guys were calling the weekend "Eclipsomania Twenty-Twelve" in the deepest voices they could.
The day began with free breakfast from Kneaders, but not just that. Basically, my brother in law's girlfriend's family owns the place, so we had a smorgasbord of our own omelet making and smoothies. So. Much. Fun. After that, we hiked all day, and then found a huge red rock cliff to watch the eclipse from. We were all alone up there, and it was awesome. We had to buy Eclipse glasses so that we could stare at the sun safely. The sky was so unbelievably blue during the actual eclipse, and the world turned an eerie grey color. One of the coolest things I've probably ever seen.

watching the boys as they...
...bashed rocks off the side of the cliff. they are crazy. 

cute hair, eh?

cute couple, Kev and Meg.
also cute couple, brandon and kenzie. (and her sister)