Sunday, January 15, 2017

17 months

Such a big helper! ;) Basically I can't sweep without him commandeering the broom. Its pretty funny. 

We went up to City Creek two times while Kyle was gone at school, once with my friend Nicole and her two boys, and again just by ourselves. Bennett's favorite part was the cool fountain, by far! The Christmas lights at Temple Square were gorgeous as per usual.

We braved the cold one day and went to the park. It was freezing!!!!! But B didn't seem to mind. haha. 

If I brush my teeth when he is around, he thinks that he must also brush his. Its the rules ;) 

Grandma Perry made all her grandkids one of these adorable sock reindeer. Bennett loves his! He was carrying it around and smiling at it... I put it away after Christmas so that it will stay special, but I'm sure he will be so happy to get it back next year!

As soon as Kyle got home from Tennessee, we went to visit Santa! It was already getting pretty close to Christmas, so Bennett had to make sure to tell the big guy what he wanted in time!

This picture just makes me laugh. He's so cute- who wouldn't say yes to going out with him?? ;)
He is now saying even more words, like "cheese, Jesus, cracker, uh oh, fish."

Kyle and I snuck away in the middle of the day the Thursday before Christmas (thanks for babysitting while you were here mom!) and went to a matinee of the Nutcracker by Ballet West! It was so much fun for me, and Kyle was a great sport. I love going to the Nutcracker, and I've never seen Ballet West before!

Christmas Adam pajamas from Santa! We were with Kyle's family for Christmas this year, so we weren't at my parents' on Christmas Adam when Santa comes to bring the PJs, but he managed to find Bennett in Utah and leave his here :)

Christmas Eve! We spent the evening at the Perry's with Kyle's family, doing dinner and acting out a nativity. Then we put Bennett to bed and were able to continue hanging out with everyone, and then just slept there. This picture is right before I put Bennett to bed. So magical! We were so excited, even though Bennett had no idea what was going on, we knew he would have so much fun on Christmas morning.
I remember last Christmas Eve, I was up with him like 4-5 times (as was standard back then). I am so grateful he is a decent sleeper now! 

Christmas morning!! First thing Bennett noticed was his slide, but he didn't stay on it for more than 5 seconds before seeing his new Mickey Mouse, he grabbed it and hardly put it down the rest of the day! He was so cute. He loved opening presents, and we went nice and slow and let him play with each new toy as he opened them. He was a happy boy!! We went to Sacrament meeting with Kyle's parents and Brandon, and then went to Melissa's for a Christmas brunch. It was a perfect Christmas!

The day after Christmas, we drove up to Eagle for Christmas 2! We got there at about 4, and opened presents from my parents! Then everyone (Chris' & Stephanie's families and Jared) came over for pizza and the "white elephant" game we usually play on Christmas Eve :) So we got a little bit of Christmas traditions with my family too! This is bennett eating cheese with the dogs. haha. 
My sister Kacee's family came up last minute from Texas as a surprise trip for their kids, so we got to see them too! It was a really fun week!! We also discovered while in Boise that Bennett knows a bunch of animal noises! We've been saying noises to him forever, but I asked him a couple and he was actually making the right noises! We've taught him a lot more since then, too. Its the cutest thing ever!

We got to go have an ultrasound while we were there, at just over 14 weeks along, to find out the gender of our new little babe! We found out that Bennett is getting a sister! I was really hoping for B's sake that it would be a boy, so he could have a close brother, but I am so excited that its a girl!! And I am sure they will still be best friends. I hope so, anyways :) We are so excited to have this little one on her way here! 

We did 2 puzzles while at home, haha. Does that mean we are all old people now? Regardless, it was a lot of fun :)

We did a little gender reveal popper action with both of our families. This is right after we shared the news with the Perry family :) he was having way too much fun with the confetti.

We took Bennett to his first real theatre movie on Jan 2, with some friends. Kevin, Megan and London, and Johnny, Ashley and their two girls. He did so good and loved it!! Kyle only had to get up with him one time to get some wiggles out, and besides that he just sat on my lap, ate popcorn and danced to all the songs, haha. It was so much fun! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

16 months

Kyle and I went with Craig and Macall on a date to go bouldering. It was so much fun!! I love rock climbing and it has been forever since I've done it.

Classic funny face by Bennett! Cracks us up, he does this all the time. By the way, he has finally started saying some words! At 15.5 months he says "hi, bird, plane, cat, dog, dada, hot"

Family smoothie selfie!

We all love smooties. We eat one almost every morning.

Kyle pulled off the suprise of a lifetime, and took us to California for our 5 year anniversary. I literally had zero idea, and he had me stumped up until we parked at the airport and he pulled out suitcases! And even then, he didn't let me see where we were going until we boarded our second flight. I was so happy and so excited! We went to Disneyland the next day.  

Greatest day at the happiest place on Earth! We had so much fun and soaked in every minute we could! Bennett was a very happy little boy!

The next day we went to Newport Beach! Bennett loved it even more than Disneyland! He and Kyle played lava with the waves, and he got to dig and play in the sand to his heart's content. 

This was our actual anniversary, so we went to a yummy seafood dinner. Bennett was super grumpy by this point, so we ended up taking turns eating and taking him outside... haha but it was delicious and a funny memory! 
Such a perfect trip all around!!

Less than a week later we headed to St. George for Thanksgiving! I got a berry smoothie for the drive and Bennett stole it right away, haha. :)

We LOVE the desert!!!

Riding a train at the coolest park ever. 
We had a lot of fun spending Thanksgiving with my grandma and some extended family in St. George. My parents and M & Q were there, too. (Bennett transitioned to one nap right before both of these trips so that was super nice timing!!)

Some very rare snuggles!!

Kyle went straight to Knoxville for school after Thanksgiving, so my mom came back to Lehi and hung out with B and I for a few extra days. We went to the aquarium and it was a hit! We also went to Luminaria with M & Q and I loved it. 

Little marshmallow! <3

Happy boy with his popcorn at the car service place!

B and I went with the Romrells to the Provo center street Christmas lighting, and it was freezing. Bennett liked the lights, but was not amused by the stroller or the extensive bundling up. haha!

15 months

Flying baby!! He is such a daredevil! Nothing makes him laugh harder than doing crazy things like this.

Family photos part 2 :)

One day when I was sitting out with my friends from my building, Bennett crawled over away from all the other kids and us, and started digging this hole by our front door. He just sat and dug and was happy as can be for like 30 minutes. Then I walked over to take a picture (or 10) and he started being silly, and decided to try eating it. I had to take another picture before I made him stop, haha! So mischievous, but so dang cute.

Bennett and I went to Melanie's baby shower, and B and London got to play on this awesome trampoline that had no holes or any way to fall out. They had a lot of fun!!

We skipped the pricey Cornbelly's this year because Bennett is too young to know anyways, but we did get to go to Hee-Haw farms with some family and friends, and it was a blast! Bennett went on the big slide with Kyle, "drove" Sage around on a tractor, went on the train ride with me, petted a bunch of animals, and ate a donut. So it basically couldn't have been better. :)

(this picture kills me!!! <3)

Whole family reppin BYU on game day!

And matching duck faces. Win!

We went to Lagoon on the 15th!! My mom came down to be on Bennett duty, which made it possible for Kyle and I to actually get to do rides with Masen and Quinlan! (Mom, you're the real MVP!) We had so much fun, and it was such gorgeous weather. It was also crazy busy... probably because of said gorgeous weather, but I don't feel like we missed out on anything we wanted to do! I love amusement parks!

twins :)

B helping daddy with his project :) He kept touching the screwdriver to the scooter and it was cute.

We went out on the canoe one last time this year, and Kyle caught this fish. Bennett touched it, and laughed and made this hilarious face haha. 

Little ladybug landed on him :)

Carving pumpkins! We decided to take this mess outside because it was warm enough, and it was a lot of fun! B loved touching the gunk.

Halloween!! Elvis and some sort of cute little animal. This was his warmest "costume-y" outfit, so... it won for trick-or-treating:) And he was able to walk pretty much the whole time with a hand, but he did get tired and try to crawl a few times. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but once I let him eat some of the candy he was a happy boy! We stayed out for just a little while, and had a lot of fun. 

15 months!! In just the few days between Halloween and his 15 month bday, he has pretty much started only walking and never crawling! He is still a little wobbly, but he has got it! He loves the park, loves pointing at airplanes, he is a good eater and sleeper, and he makes us laugh about 100 times a day! Such a cute, funny little boy.