Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alaska!! Part 6.

Saturday we cruised during the day, and Kyle had his DWTS finale! He did a great job, and he and his partner got 2nd place!! He only lost to a guy who was actually a really impressive dancer, and Kyle has never danced a day in his life. So I am pretty dang proud of him! Haha! 

Then at 5:30 we arrived in Victoria, British Columbia! I fell in love instantly. I wish I could move there today, it was so gorgeous and cute and Kyle and I were both just so happy. We both bought Canucks shirts (Kyle’s favorite hockey team.) and had a ton of fun going on a water taxi that we got on in this adorable little dock with water houses. We walked around the city, went to the super cool museum, and just had a ton of fun. We ended the night with dinner right on the water, followed by a ride back to the port in a sweet convertible.  It was such a wonderful night, that we didn’t want to end! But we had to pack and be off the boat by 8 the next morning, to drive home.

(all the impressively beautiful photos in all the Alaska Posts were taken by Kyle, of course)

It was seriously the best trip. We had so much fun and SO enjoyed the time together, especially with Masen heading to San Diego so soon. The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have the rest of my siblings there! This was a trip I will never forget!!!! <3

Alaska!! Part 5.

Friday was our stop in Ketchikan! All 5 of us went zip lining together and had the best time. It was probably my favorite of our adventures. Flying through the trees, all together, in an amazingly beautiful rain forest was so much fun. Besides zip lines, we also walked across a scary suspension bridge, (Masen tried and succeeded in freaking Mom and Dad out by jumping across it and making it swing with them right behind him.) and did a repel as well as a crazy fast slide in burlap sacks down to the bottom of the course. It was so much fun!! 

We didn’t have a ton of time to wander after returning to town, but we managed to find Kyle his Alaska souvenir… some awesome “lumberjack” pajamas with a butt flap. Words just can’t describe….. they are hilarious. There was also this darling old-town area called Creek Street that was so adorable. Once we got back on the boat, it was our second and last formal night! Fun fun!! 

Alaska!! Part 4.

Thursday’s port was Sitka! Most cruise ships don’t stop here, so it was a real treat for us! We had to get from the ship to the dock on the lifeboats, because of how small the port is. Such a cute tiny town. They are famous for their reindeer dogs, so of course we had to try one. But, not before we had a lot of fun doing something that seemed totally crazy in the morning… snorkeling. In a dry suit, so we didn’t get wet besides our faces and hands. And it was surprisingly warm and really fun!! There were a lot of cool things to see, especially starfish and sea stars. I held a ton of both, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Masen and Kyle both had a Go Pro, and they took them underwater for some cool pictures! 

Afterwards, we met up with my mom and dad and ate the reindeer dogs, and walked around town. We found a lot of fun totem poles, one of which was probably at least 2 miles from where we got on/off the lifeboats. Kyle, Masen and I were running late to catch the last boat to take us back to the Oosterdam, so Kyle grabbed a biker with a passenger cart, and the three of us rode back on it. I probably had a little too much fun doing that. And the highlight of the day? Kyle found this awesome wolf hat. Just kidding, it wasn’t the highlight. But he sure loved it! Haha!

Alaksa!! Part 3.

Wednesday was our first port! We stopped in Juneau, and had an awesome day. Kyle and Masen started out first thing with a hike up the mountain that stood right at the backdrop of town. 

They were back by 9 and the three of us headed to our excursion that day- a helicopter ride up Mendenhall Glacier to the dog sled camp. Wow, it was so cool flying above that gorgeous glacier. We ended up in super deep snow, but it was still so nice out that we only wore light jackets (or in Kyle’s case- a t shirt). We rode a dog sled pulled by about 15 dogs, and afterwards we got to hold the puppies… I was dying. They were so cute. Then we rode the helicopter back down to town. It was a crazy fun experience!!

After we were done dog sledding, we walked around the darling town of Juneau and did some shopping/souvenir hunting! Kyle also bought me my birthday present in Juneau… a gorgeous tanzanite necklace that I am in love with. J 

Back on the boat, we had dinner and then we watched the most gorgeous sunset any of us had ever seen. Kyle was dying and got so many amazing photos. These are only a couple of them!