Sunday, February 26, 2012

Arizona Trip!

Warning, this post is pretty long.

Kyle and I went on a Valentine's day trip this year!
It was so nice to get out of Utah, and into some warm weather!

We left and went to St. George Friday night.
My parents have a house there, so we got to stay for free dollars.
Kyle loved running in the lower elevation.

Saturday we went to Vegas!
We went to the Hoover Dam.
It was so big. and the new bridge was scary tall.

Then we went to the strip
Kyle took me to a little french restaurant in the Paris for Vday dessert.
how cute, right?

We stayed that night in Kingman, AZ
Kyle told me the movie Cars is based on towns like Kingman.
I thought he said it was based ON Kingman.
needless to say I was super excited and quite let down when i learned the truth.

Sunday we drove to Peoria, AZ and met up with Kenna and Brian Weirich.
We stayed in this 5 star resort for free cause they went to a timeshare meeting.
AWESOME. thanks again guys.

We went hiking in the desert. yay for short sleeves!
I got a cactus stuck in my leg.
don't worry, I didn't bleed. I think my skin grafts are too thick. ha

Kyle got pulled over for going the wrong way through a left turn in a median.
We didn't get a ticket. this is a miracle because:
1) the cop probably thought we were total idiots.
2) kyle didn't have his license.

We went swimming outside and... I went too! In just a normal swim suit!
my legs were fine and it felt so so so so good.

To end off the trip, we went to Sedona on Valentine's Day.
Kyle got me breakfast in bed and roses. So Sweet!
We played all day until like 6, and then drove home to Utah in 8 hours.
Such a great trip! We loved it.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Weekend

This past weekend was fun fun fun

Friday night Kyle took me to Olive Garden.
we had gift cards from our wedding so it was free and delicious

Saturday we went to the mogul freestyle world cup in park city
it was really cool
but sooo cold

Thanks for the pic Ashley, i hope you don't mind i stole it

It was so cold that my feet went numb
and then when the feeling came back to them, my compression pants (which end mid foot) made my toes swell up like cRaZy. ouch. 

But it was still fun, and we went to 7-11 after, followed by a super fancy hotel, and hung out with our friends/family.

who knew 7-11 had steamed milk and flavoring? it was yummy. and warm

Super Bowl Sunday! was great. Last year at a super bowl party was the first time I ever talked to Kyle:)
This year we went to the in-laws and cheered for the Giants. YAY!

our matching Boston Sucks shirts:)
I also got my Utah drivers license with my new name on it in the mail. So fun. I love being a Perry <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Basketball Game

Kyle took me to my first Utah Jazz game on Wednesday night!
we went with Kevin, Megan, Cam and Tom (dad in law).
before the game we went to California Pizza Kitchen.
I ate an entire delicious pizza by myself. no big deal.

the game was so fun! 
Except that we lost. frown

We had awesome seats, as you can see. haha

We didn't get home until super late though, and i had class the next morning at 8. 
so tired.
but worth it.

This weekends plans... get my laptop fixed, go to Bed Bath & Beyond, clean the apartment, homework, and go on a date with Kyle. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burn Friends

Last Saturday I got to see Lauren, my friend who also got burned back in July. 
It was so nice to be around someone who totally understands the little things that annoy someone recovering from skin grafts.
We both were constantly walking in place to avoid our legs itching like crazy.
it was funny. and happy for me to not look like the only weird one:)
Legs are doing great overall. 
They itch but they bend really well now.
I'm excited for me and Kyle's trip to Arizona in a few weeks, cause I want to swim!! 
And I'm hoping not to get too many disgusted looks. 
but if i do, oh well. really not a big deal.