Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bennett's Birth Story

On Sunday morning, August 2nd, I woke up at 7 to my first real contraction. I knew I'd been having Braxton Hicks for weeks, but they never once hurt. These ones on Sunday hurt. They were about 12-18 minutes apart, but I called the hospital just to see if they thought it might be the real deal. I still had 4 days till my due date, so I was skeptical. The nurse said to see if the contractions got any closer together, but to drink lots of water because sometimes dehydration can cause false labor. So I kicked up my water intake all day. I told kyle at 7:30 that I thought might be in labor, but that it could very likely be a false alarm. I timed contractions from 7:30 till 9:30 as they woke me up, until we got up to get ready for church. We kept timing contractions during church and they were about 8-12 minutes apart, pretty consistently. I was still convinced that I was just having false labor pains. especially when I went home at 2 and took an hour long nap without waking up. Kyle, however, was totally convinced by this time that I was really in labor. The contractions kicked up again when I went to hang out with Kyle while he was studying for the GRE at his office. They were getting to be about 5-8 minutes apart. Some were a lot easier than others though and I really still thought it wasn't the real deal. We went back home for family dinner and they stayed about the same 5-8 mins apart. I called the hospital again to see what they'd say now, and they told me to come if they got to be 2-4 minutes apart. Around 8 o'clock they got to be about 3-5 minutes apart. Stephanie and my mom convinced me that we should probably go to the hospital just in case. So at about 9 Kyle and I grabbed all of our stuff, the bag I'd packed, etc. and drove to the hospital. They hooked me to a monitor and my contractions slowed down to 5-6 minutes apart again. I was sure I was getting sent home, but then the nurse checked my dilation and I was at 4cm. So at 10 o'clock I was officially admitted and I finally believed I was in labor! 
contraction on the trampoline, haha!
Walking in to Labor and Delivery!
The contractions got a lot steadier and stronger after that. I decided a long time ago that I didn't want to have an epidural. Not because I think they're bad by any means, but the possible side effects and typically longer recovery time freaked me out. I figured I would be able to handle the pain if I knew the outcome was going to be so sweet. And having dealt with severe pain in the past with my burns made me feel like I could do this. So I tried to distract myself by playing cards with Kyle, my mom and Kayla (who was there to take these pictures!) I tried the exercise ball. My dad and Masen came to say hi. The nurse checked me again at 12:30ish and I had already progressed to 6cm! I felt pretty dang good so I just kept it up. My doctor and I had discussed that I wanted to try the new laughing gas stuff they were implementing, to take the edge off a little without using drugs. You just get a mask and you can control how much of it you breathe and when. By about 1 AM I was at 8cm and ready to try it, because my doctor broke my water and the contractions were really starting to hurt bad. I got the mask and stayed at 8cm for a bit. When I got to 9cm, Baby's heartbeat was falling a bit and they thought maybe it was because of the nitrous so they took it away for the rest of the time and put me on oxygen instead. 

I went from 9-10cm really quickly and started to really push. I had 2 contractions at 10cm and it was so painful that I couldn't focus very hard. The doctor told me that we needed to get the baby out on the next contraction because his heart rate kept falling. So she told me to stop crying and to listen to her, and told me that when the contraction came, I needed to hold my breath and use all of the force of it to push. It came, and I did what she said, but I had to breathe in 3 times total and push 3 times during the contraction. But it worked! His head came out. One more push and his body came out and they wiped him off and handed him to me. It was the craziest feeling. A little stranger that I knew already. The cord was really short so he was kind of on my stomach rather than my chest. I had one more contraction and delivered the placenta. It was crazy how immediately the pain stopped and I had no more pressure on my stomach. Kyle cut his cord and it was official! He was born at 1:59am. Eventually after I did skin to skin and fed him a little, they weighed him in at 6lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. Such a perfect little boy! And such an amazing and spiritual experience bringing him into the world. We are completely in love with him!

Maternity Photos

My amazing friend Kayla has kind of been our personal photographer lately, taking all sorts of pictures for me. I have to share some of the maternity photos she did for us! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Early Summer 2015

In my mind, our summer officially started at the end of our month in Utah. The first thing we had planned was a roadtrip back to Hells Canyon and then up through North Cascades NP and into Vancouver. We cancelled the trip, however, when my sweet grandpa passed away. My grandpa was a wonderful, sweet man, and it was a really hard thing to deal with. We went down to Ogden, and I had the opportunity to sing at his graveside service. Funerals are always sad and hard, but they do bring family together and it was wonderful getting to see so much family.

My mom threw me a baby shower, it was darling and so much fun! It was awesome seeing my baby loved and spoiled before he was even born:) We spent quite a bit of time floating in the pool while I was pregnant and it was super hot. the puppies even joined in! :) For my birthday, Kyle got me a hammock! And my parents took us out to Cottonwood Grille to celebrate! One weekend Kyle and I also went up to McCall and camped in a beautiful river-side spot and got ice cream and walked on the beach.

For the 4th of July weekend, we headed back down to Utah for a baby shower my mom and sisters in law threw for me. It was also darling!! and a lot of fun:) Once again, baby boy got spoiled!! While we were in Utah, Kyle also ran/hiked to the top of Mt Timp, we went to the Provo carnival with Kevin and Christa's families, and we spent the 4th at the pool and at an awesome party at Kyle's uncle's house to watch the fireworks!

When we got back to Idaho, Kacee and her crew had arrived for their annual summer visit! Then two days later, Masen came home from his two-year mission to San Diego! It was so much fun welcoming him at the airport, and so wonderful to have him home! Once he was home, we went full speed ahead for two weeks! Being pregnant, I did a lot of observing, but it was still a lot of fun! We did tons of activities (like fast lanes, wahooz, etc) had girls night out, went to Sonic for half price shakes. Kyle and I went one night with friends to a Boise Hawks game, and Kyle took Masen, Spencer and Tyler camping in McCall one Friday night:) It is always a great time having everyone here to enjoy the beautiful Boise summer!

After the Carlsons headed home to Texas, Kevin and Megan came up to visit for a weekend! We hung out in town for a day, then went to McCall for a day trip as well. I had managed to come down with what I found out later was h-flu, so I was kind of dead during their visit, but it was still great to have them here:) Also before July ended, Kyle and I went to Merrill park, where he rappelled off a bridge while I napped in my hammock. This last picture is of the set up I had going on while watching Kyle wash our car haha!

We knew Baby Boy was coming anytime once August started, so we really tried to have a ton of fun during our last little while with just the two of us! :)