Saturday, October 3, 2015

two months.

my tiny little newborn is already two months old.
i can't even believe how much he has changed since August 3rd. and the fact that he is two months already is blowing my mind. i never want to forget the way he is right now! i am so in love with him.
he has basically doubled his birth weight. he is 12lbs 12oz!! the kid loves to eat. he gets so excited to eat that he will get his hand in the way and start sucking it while i try to help him latch on haha. he's got the chubbiest cheeks that i want to nibble on all day. we found out at a doctor's appointment yesterday that he has a milk allergy, so even though he is gaining weight and is healthy otherwise, he has blood in his stool. so this mama has to go completely off of dairy!
he did his first really real smile on September 16th, and has been getting better and better at it since then:) it seriously makes me so happy when he smiles. my favorite is when its time to wake up and i lean over and say good morning to him and he smiles! he is still pretty particular, he only really seems to smile at me, kyle, grandma, and his monkeys (the little mobile on his bouncy seat.) He has also just started cooing and its adorable.
the first month or so of his life, he hated everything to do with his car seat, but something changed and now it is the only place besides my arms that he likes to nap during the day. so i try to take advantage of that and get out of the house at least once a day during a nap. he will sometimes (very rarely) sleep in his bed or on my bed during the day. i love snuggling with him, so its not a big deal to hold him, but I worry about him never being able to sleep without me. also "his bed," where he sleeps at night, is actually his rock 'n play thing. he still sleeps in our room, but will have nothing to do with his pack 'n play. i think he likes the incline and the way it snuggles him. I'm thinking its something I need to transition him out of pretty soon here, while i can still swaddle him... not looking forward to it though, because he gives me 5-6 hour stretches in his "lamb" (rock 'n play)!
he has started to enjoy his baths and tummy time pretty well! he hasn't smiled about being in the bath yet, but he's pretty chill and happy in there. and with tummy time, he makes the cutest faces, crossing his eyes and doing this funny thing with his tongue. his neck is getting a lot stronger! he still has a little bit of a bobble head though which i adore. he also loves to be outside! for a long time, going outside was all that would calm him down when he was crying for no reason. the random crying seems like its gotten a lot better lately, however:)
he still loves his binkie, but i really only give it to him when he is going to sleep. he pretty much relies on it to get to sleep though.
in two months, baby boy has been to redfish lake, been on a trip to utah, met most of his cousins, been to the zoo, and had his baby blessing! :)
here are some favorite pictures we've taken over the 2 months!!

newborn photo shoot by Kayla Jensen
redfish lake!

three generations of Perry boys

smiling at Green Monkey

Thursday, October 1, 2015

baby blessing

Bennett was blessed on September 27th during sacrament meeting in the Eagle 8th Ward! Kyle gave a very sweet blessing that really touched me. :) and baby boy was awake and happy during it, he didn't make a peep!
We were lucky to have my parents there, and very grateful for family who traveled up to be there! We spent Saturday morning with Kevin, Megan, and London. Then went to the park where Masen (and my mom) met up with us after driving up from Provo. Then we all met Kyle's parents at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner!
The blessing was Sunday, and most of my family in town joined everyone for a yummy dinner provided my my mom afterwards! It was a great day and a fun weekend!!