Wednesday, November 4, 2015

3 months.

Baby boy is three months old!

I feel like, since I see him 24/7 the changes from 2-3 months aren't as noticeable to me, but there have definitely been some! Most nights he will sleep about 6 hours for me, which is awesome. Of course this is always at the start of the night, so I don't get that much straight sleep unless I go to bed by 9 o'clock... which doesn't usually happen:) haha. This past month he has has two longer nights (8 hours and 10 hours) but it seems like a fluke when that happens. Maybe someday it will be the norm! I stress about his sleeping habits constantly, because he still catnaps all day. Like he takes 5-6 naps every day. and putting him down is the hardest part of the day/night for me so I really would love to figure out how to make him sleep longer than 45-60 minutes at a time, and be awake longer than a little over an hour! It is almost impossible to leave the house at all when he naps in his crib but only stays awake for an hour haha. Hopefully this fixes itself with older age as well, but I'm guessing I may need to intervene to some level. We shall see. I'm still trying to figure all this scheduling stuff out and I might be a little paranoid haha.

Besides the sleeping stress though, baby bennett is just the sweetest happiest little guy ever. Cutting dairy from my diet has been a total success for him, which makes me really happy. Its really not even that huge of an annoyance for me either now that I have figured out some different things to snack on. He wakes up happy, and stays happy unless he gets overtired. He smiles so big and he is starting to do some little laughs. His neck is getting stronger. He loves to "fly" and he loves to eat his hands. He loves his bath and actually looks at the pictures in his books now. He is just barely starting to grab at one particular singing toy, so i think its just a matter of time before he realizes he can grab everything! His arms and legs go full speed pretty much all the time. He's a little flirt and will smile at pretty much anyone who talks to him up close:) I am so happy that I am this little guy's mom! He is such a sweetheart.

This month we got to go down to Utah again for Kyle's sister Melanie's wedding, which was so much fun. We also celebrated Halloween and I made Kyle take Bennett (as "baby bear") up to a couple doors to trick or treat;)

here's some favorite pics from 2-3 months old!