Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 months.

five months with this sweetie. 

new this past month:
-just started rolling, he is better at back to tummy and gets stuck there, but I've seen him roll the other way more than once, so just gotta practice!! 
-he's a mama's boy, and he's a little selfish with his smiles when it comes to strangers. a friend and her kids watched him while we went to see Star Wars, and she told me he only smiled twice the whole 3 hours! but he gave me a huge grin when I walked back in. little stinker! he also loves to smile at his daddy, grandpa and grandma, and uncle masen. 
-he seriously is a terrible sleeper haha. all of a sudden, this past month, his semi-decent sleeping habits went down the drain. we are working on it... but for now I literally can't get him to sleep without nursing him. period.
-he loves his binkie, putting everything in his mouth, flying and bouncing, getting tickled. he smiles and laughs when I just breathe in and widen my eyes cause he knows a tickle is coming. it's so cute. 
-according to my home scale (not super accurate) he is like 19 pounds. haha! playing with him is a workout! 
-he's started sticking his tongue out and blowing bubbles when he's happy. it kills me hahah. 
-he loved his first Christmas! and had his first plane ride, and was pretty dang good on our trip to San Diego! 
-I've had like 5 people in the last few weeks tell me that he looks like me. it's always been "mini kyle!" before that, so who knows:) 

it's safe to say I'm 100% obsessed with this boy! anyone who follows my Instagram can clearly tell... I don't post pictures of him constantly or anything;)
some favs from his 5th month:

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2015!

I am always so excited for Christmas and it never disappoints :) this year was extra special- bennett's first Christmas! He got to wear his little Christmas outfit like 4 time the week leading up to it and loved it as you can see:)

On Christmas Adam, Santa came with pajamas for all the kids! So fun for me to have bennett get pjs the way I used to for years. Then on Christmas Eve, after he went to bed, we watched A Christmas Story. 5 night-wakings later, it was time to go see if Santa came! It was so much fun, even though baby boy had no idea what was happening haha. Kyle spoiled me, and both of our parents spoiled us and Bennett:)

christmas morning!

At 3:30 pm Christmas Day, we all left for the airport to fly to San Diego, to visit Masen's mission! traveling with a baby is as hard as everyone says it is, haha. especially when your baby hates sleeping. but we didn't let that get us down! he was a trooper, for the most part:) our first day there, we went to the San Diego Zoo, which was awesome!

On Sunday, we went to church in a Spanish ward masen served in, and then kyle and I took Bennett to see the temple. Then we met back up with everyone and went to Sunset Cliffs. So gorgeous!!! we walked up the shoreline to Ocean Beach and Bennett touched the ocean for the first time! :) Kyle had to fly back home that night for work the next week:( but baby boy and I stayed to play some more!!

Monday we drove 2 hours east to visit the Imperial Valley. so warm, and actually quite nice! we had a big potluck dinner with a bunch of members that masen knew there, which was awesome. 

Tuesday, we went to Seaport Village, and then over to see Coronado! That night we had dinner with Masen's mission president and his family. Such great people!! I really enjoyed meeting them.

Wednesday, bennett and I hung out in the sun while the others did a temple session, and then we all drove to Ramona, another mission area. We had dinner with the branch president and his wife. nicest people and best tacos ever.

masen+other missionaries put this turtle in the common area of their apartment complex, haha.

Thursday, we went across the border into Tijuana! we went to see the temple there, but it was closed and locked behind gates. so we just looked from outside the gates haha! it was super pretty tho. then we went downtown and had more delicious tacos. getting back into the US was kinda crazy. we waited in a long line until the guards opened the doors and then everyone seriously ran to the gate for customs. we made it back in alright tho;) we then had dinner at another member's home (more amazing tacos!) and then drove by the temple again to see the lights:)

masen keeping bennett happy on the dark drive home
Friday, we went to old town to walk around and go to the Mormon Battalion museum/tour. it was legit! so cool to learn more about how that group of LDS men and women helped to build San Diego, and other facts.
We headed from there to the airport, with a stop at Lupe's taco shop. (our third visit of the trip.) SO YUMMY!!! the flight home was nrutal with an overtired crying baby. then southwest lost my stroller, but at baggage services we met Aaron Paul.... so it was still okay:) and the stroller is on its way back to me. overall, it was an awesome trip. it was so nice and warm, and it was so cool to see the places masen served and meet some of the people. he is an amazing kid!! I love my family! :)