Thursday, March 3, 2016

7 months

Totally skipped six months, at the time I was in the trenches of sleep training and had zero energy for blogging and also I didn't feel like there was much new going on to write about. SO, sorry future me who might actually want to read that nonexistent post.
But now all of a sudden we are at 7 months and I am like really sad about it ha. that means we are well into the second half of his first year, and even though I have spent nearly every waking (and many non-waking) hours of his life with him, I still am sad that he is getting so big and more independent. But its so great at the same time! It is just such a weird thing, being a mom.
I feel so lucky that I get to play with this boy every day. He is such a little love and the way he smiles at me like I am his favorite person in the world is literally the greatest thing of all time.
Kid loves his jumper seat so much. We are babysitting some kids this week while their parents are on vacation and we had to bring the jumper seat because he seriously LOVES it. and it was something familiar to have in this different house. which brings me to mentioning that he is all of a sudden way more nervous about strange situations. like he was very uncertain of being/sleeping in this new house, and getting attention from strangers. I should probably get him out more.... haha. but I do know that "stranger danger" is a real thing so it must just be starting for him.
Some other things that he loves are: rolling around, reaching for things and shaking them/eating them, going jogging in his stroller, getting tickled, sitting up (his newest milestone!), and banging on surfaces like counters, his high chair tray, and the piano. He was eating his solids SO good for a while there, but like the last week or so he's been a little less eager to eat. hopefully that's just a phase and he isn't just deciding to be picky now!
Another thing to note is that his sleeping has gotten decent! It took forever and some tears, and also eventually I had to take away his binky, but he is now going to sleep by himself in his bed, for night time and naps! he still wakes up 1-2 times to eat in the night and still usually only naps for 45 minutes (3 times), but seriously its such an improvement. I can actually like shower, spend a little time with kyle, etc now. And I am also going to be going back to school online this spring/summer so it's a huge help that he will sleep without me.
I feel like I'm starting to kind of get the hang of this "being a mom" stuff. A little bit, at least. Its been a rough transition, but luckily I have the greatest, sweetest and cutest baby that ever lived making everything worth it and wonderful!
Here are some favorite pictures from 5-7 months :)