Saturday, April 2, 2016

8 months

We all survived the move to Utah! Things are going well, settling in to our new routine. Kyle went down a week early and started his new job, and then the next weekend came back to Boise to get me and Bennett. And on the drive back down, in the moving truck, he got his acceptance letter email to PT school!! Talk about crazy timing! Luckily, the school he'll be attending is a hybrid program that is done mostly online, and he will travel to Tennessee about 2 weeks every 3 months. So we get to stay living where we are! Which is a huge relief and blessing! (Im so proud of that guy. He will be such a good physical therapist!)

So anyways, on to Bennett's update!

at 8 months, he:
  • sits up like a pro and falls forward on purpose if there is something he wants.
  • he's trying to crawl but still hasn't quite figured it out yet. no complaints here :)
  • still no teeth!
  • says "mama" but just babbling. he does it the most when he is alert and happy.
  • has fallen in love with the park swing! there is a great little park 5-minute walk from our new apartment. 
  • still struggles with sleeping, but sometimes he does really well! its just inconsistent and i can't ever seem to figure out a pattern, what causes the short naps vs the long ones, and good nights vs bad nights. so its hard to predict or plan anything, ever. I'm learning to just roll with it. 
  • takes 3 naps a day and usually goes to bed for the night between 7-8pm.
  • has endless smiles for mom and dad and the people he knows well, but prefers to just stare at everyone else. even if you try to get a smile, usually you just get stared at. haha.
  • has just started wearing his 18-mo size clothes, and 12-mo jammies...... such a big boy!
  • high-centers on his stomach and tenses his whole body and its hilarious.
  • loves toys and loves grabbing anything within his reach and puts everything in his mouth
  • eats purees 1-3 times a day, some days he gobbles them down and some days he won't eat a thing, but he still nurses about every 3 hours all day, and 1-3 times a night. he also loves to share and gnaw on whole pears, apples, bananas. 
  • is obsessed with his dad and won't nurse if he is in the room, only wants to play with him!
  • his favorite games/activities are peek-a-boo (especially in the hammock), flying around and right up to people's faces, jumping, going for walks, reading his books.
  • enjoys running errands/going out with mom but only if there is minimal driving involved and he can get out of his carseat a lot. 
  • doesn't like to stay still for diaper changes, especially if he is tired
  • is a crazy, active little boy- his legs are always going fast and he might run before he walks! he doesn't usually like to snuggle me anymore unless he is nursing.. but i wouldn't change a thing about his fun happy personality. he is my little best buddy!
here are some fav pics from 7-8 months:

lunch date with Kayla before the move! :)

cute little cousins having some fruit

my heart might burst from loving him so much!