Thursday, May 5, 2016

9 months.

9 months old. I am in shock. Bennett has changed so much this past month. He is so full of personality and so dang happy all the time! He makes my life so much better with his little laughs and the way he looks at me like I'm his favorite person in the universe. He gives Kyle this same look:) He is totally obsessed with his dad, and prefers him over anyone, unless he's hungry or tired and then he wants me haha.

Our new routine, with living in a new place, is pretty solid now. A perfect day starts with breakfast, a walk to see the baby lambs behind our apartment, nap, lunchtime with Kyle, nap, something fun like the park and practicing crawling, nap, dinner, play with dad, bedtime. He is about to drop his 3rd nap though so we will see how that changes things! We are really liking living in Utah though. Everything is so close, with any store you need within 10 minutes and lots of beautiful places to walk/bike/explore super close too.

This past month Bennett got his first 2 baby teeth! They are so cute, unless they are biting me. haha.

He also got to go in his bike trailer for the first time, and he loves it! We've gone a few times!

He's figuring out how to pick things up with his pointer finger and thumb, which means every tiny crumb, etc is his new favorite toy ;)

We went on a Perry family trip to St. George and it was windy but warm and Bennett got in a pool for the first time. He didn't love the floaty thing but when I held him he doggy-paddled and splashed and was so happy- it was adorable!

He still can't quite crawl, but he's got the army crawling down! He's getting faster at it too. He can go anywhere he wants. We lost him under our TV stand the other night, haha!

Its been a pretty hard month for me personally, but I'm not kidding when I say this boy has never been happier or cuter. And that helps makes everything better:) I love him so much. Everyone that knows him loves him so much! <3

Some favs from 8-9 months:

family photo session courtesy of Kyle

We went on a date! Nickel City and froyo haha
Bennett and Grandma Patti 
Tibble Fork

Kyle proposed to me right here! almost 5 years ago...
tulips at Thanksgiving Point