Wednesday, August 3, 2016

one year!

It really came, and I can't deny it any more. My baby is one! He is the light of our lives, and he makes us laugh all day long. I wish I could bottle up his little personality and remember this stage of his life perfectly, forever. He is seriously me and Kyle's best little friend. I love him so so so so so much.

Some highlights of the past month:

  • he jabbers in his own language, but we are pretty sure he at least knows what "dada" means when he says it. I think he definitely understands both dada and mama. I tell him to "find dada!" and he goes and looks for kyle haha. its so cute.
  • he has two new teeth! the front top ones, and that makes 4 teeth total. 
  • he is a crawling pro. still cruises on all the furniture, and just barely has decided that walking while holding someone's hands is fun. I don't think he'll start walking for a while still!
  • he points to everything, usually it is to whatever he wants, which is helpful!
  • he loves playing "hide and seek" with his dad, kyle hides under a blanket and he crawls over and finds him <3 he also loves going on rides around the apartment on the blanket.
  • he got to switch into a big boy carseat, and I'm letting him face forward as of now... and it has made seriously a world of difference on his tolerance for car rides! 
  • he loves his little splash pool, swimming, playing with cups of water... anything with water, he loves.
  • he is a really good eater! loves most all foods I give him. also he loves ice cream. go figure! 
  • he nurses still, but only just before naps and bed, and when he wakes up in the morning :)
  • HE FINALLY SLEEPS ALL NIGHT!!!! haha its taken long enough!

some fav pics from 11-12 months: 

sharing uncle masen's ice cream :)

my nephew took this and it kills me! <3


forward facing! and apparently swimming knocks him out haha.