Thursday, September 8, 2016

13 months

Could not love this sweet boy more. We had a very full month and he was such a trooper! Here are some highlights:

  • finally stopped using his infant bath seat because we couldn't take it on our trip
  • babbles A TON (Dat! Da! dududu, mama, hot) and still doesn't really say any words knowing what he's saying. 
  • loves walking with his walker toy and while holding hands.
  • if I ask for a kiss, he knows what I mean and gives me a big open mouth kiss!
  • is pretty awesome at going down the stairs now.
  • likes crawling through tunnels/enclosed spaces.
  • hates sitting in his stroller but loves his little trike.
  • loves flip books.
  • loves pointing at airplanes and birds in the sky.
  • still nurses before naps and bedtime but loves cows milk!
  • eats really good, but he doesn't like many vegetables.
  • takes 2 shorter naps and sleeps about 10-11 hours at night.
  • loves playing patty cake.
  • growls at most any animal, but especially cats (from lions to kittens) and bears, etc. he loves dogs and usually says "Dat!" 
  • went to Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and to visit my parents.

Some favorite pictures: